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Energy Star Rating

Imagine roofing your building with a quality system that pays for itself in just a few years while protecting it for decades! Then imagine having the federal government fund part of the cost, as well. It’s all possible with a Conklin roof.

Conklin’s white roofs reflect the sun’s hot UV rays rather than absorbing them the way black roofs do. This keeps buildings cooler, reducing cooling costs, and putting more money back in the pockets of building owners like you. In fact, since we introduced our white acrylic roofs over 30 years ago, many of our customers have enjoyed a complete return on investment in just 7 years.*

You could also qualify for significant federal tax credits or rebates simply by choosing “green” building material like our white roofing and foam systems.** They meet ENERGY STAR requirements. And several can be applied over existing roofing systems – saving you the cost of tear-off*** and keeping all that roofing material out of the landfill.

Energy Use and Performance Measurement Tools

The Oak Ridge and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories have developed a tool for calculating the energy saving potential of cool roofs. The federal government’s Energy Star Website has an online tool, called Target Finder, which enables architects and building owners to receive an EPA energy performance score for building projects still in the design stage. Links to both Websites are at right.

Cool Roofs Offer a Solid ROI

Finally, Conklin roofs are renowned for their longevity. Many of the initial roofs we applied in the 1970s are still on the job today. A fast return on investment. Possible rebates and/or tax credits. Long-term protection and peace of mind. Find out more about the benefits of our smart, durable, “green” roofing systems. Click on the systems below that interest you now.

*Actual results may vary pending an energy audit.
**Check with your local utility companies, tax adviser and or for additional details.
***Check with local code agencies and with Conklin technical services.
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