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Conklin Membrane Coating System

Stout Roofing and Coatings, Inc. has a solution for your aged EPDM (Black Rubber) Roof and existing reroofing needs.    EPDM roof membranes have long suffered from premature degradation due to exposure to the elements.  Dark surfaces absorb large amounts of heat energy from the sun, causing the membrane to expand and contract to extreme levels.  Over time, this movement causes the membrane to shrink, increasing the possibility for seam leakage.

The Conklin coating system protects the existing membrane with a finish coat that reflects the sun’s harmful rays away from the surface and effectively secures the seams of the membrane for a watertight seal.  No longer exposed to the majority of the sun’s rays, the EPDM membrane will have a much longer life span. The EPDM Coating System is a three-step system using Conklin’s roofing surface cleaner, tack coat primer and Rapid Roof III Top Coat. Recoats of Conklin’s Rapid Roof III can be applied as necessary to add further longevity to the life of the roof.

This system can be applied over aged Mod-Bit roofs, Aged mechanically-fastened EPDM membranes and aged Fully-adhered EPDM membranes, new plywood, concrete, ISO Board, composite decking.  We can apply this system without tearing off your existing roof, allowing your business to stay in production while our roof system is being applied.

The average EPDM roof reflects 5-6% of the solar energy away from the surface, while Rapid Roof III reflects 85% of the sun’s energy away from the roof’s surface.  It is not unusual for a cool roof to lower roof top temperatures by 20-30 degrees!

Benefits of the EPDM System for years to come:

  • Stops Leaks
  • Increases energy efficiency and lowers utility expense with its cool, white, reflective surface
  • Extends the life of your existing roof


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