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About Us

Mike started Stout Construction in 1983.  In 2005 he expanded his business to include Conklin Roofing Systems.  Due to the demand of spray on elastomeric coatings and spray polyurethane foam, he incorporated and became Stout Roofing & Coatings.  Mike and Jodi are married and work their Christian Conklin Roofing  business together.  We live in Havana, IL and apply Conklin Roofing Systems covering all of IL.  We have a team of Contractors applying Conklin Roofing Systems in all 50 states of the United States.  We employ 2-4 employees, we are bonded, insured and licensed.   Our employees are trained for safety, following OSHA regulations.

We specialize in Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Institutional roof installation, maintenance and repairs.  The success of our business is based on Integrity/Honesty.  We not only install a roofing system for you and care for your roofing problems but we build a long term relationship with you. We do answer our phones, return phone calls and make visits to you in person!  We offer a personal presentation to you, board members, employees, etc. showing you what we found your roof issues to be and how we can solve those issues with our systems.

We are proud to use Conklin’s roofing products, as they were the first to invent and manufacture elastomeric coatings in 1977.  All products are manufactured in the United States!  Conklin remains on the leading edge of coatings today.  Conklin’s energy efficient roofing systems are one of the most innovative and sustainable systems  in today’s market.  Their “GREEN” roofing systems are a fast return on your investment.  We are proud to do our part to help the environment by choosing a manufacturer that has always been “GREEN”.  Conklin’s high quality sustainable roof systems help us provide our customers with roofing solutions,  reducing energy consumption.  These systems can be applied over your existing roof system, saving you the cost of tear-offs, while helping to keep tons of used roofing material out of landfills each year.  Because we do not have to tear off your roof, you are able to keep your business in production while we apply the Conklin Roofing System.

We know God has blessed us with our success and believes He will bless with another great year serving new customers as well as our customers we have already built relationships with!  We know without a doubt that we were introduced to Conklin Roofing Systems as a part of God’s plans for us in our business and our lives.  We hope to be able to serve you next, solving your roofing needs while using the services God has blessed us with!